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The Arts

Beacon Charter School District develops artistic thinkers by nurturing self-expression while preparing our graduates with the academic skills necessary for a sustained postsecondary success.

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The Beacon Theatre Arts program provides an
enriching and engaging experience for students
both on and off the stage to learn and appreciate
the elements of theatre as both artists and
audience. Students explore the history, theory,
literature, and cultural significance of Theatre.


Beacon’s Visual Arts program explores various media and the deeper theories behind art making. Critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication drive innovation in our society and these skills are embedded in the Visual Arts curriculum. Students work in a variety of media from pencil to paint and ceramics to found object sculpture. The study of art history and contemporary art practice are keys to developing student artists as they define what visual art will be in their postsecondary lives. Students are taught techniques and encouraged throughout the four years to find their individual artistic voice through experimentation and innovation. With these skills students will come to define themselves and their worldview through their art.

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The Culinary Arts program at Beacon offers a comprehensive curriculum that provides training in many areas from quantity food preparation to fine arts pastry arts. Creativity is greatly encouraged in the shop, while basic classical and modern techniques as well as theories of food preparation are taught daily. Topics include American regional cuisine as well as international cooking methods. Along with food preparation, students learn methods of retail and wholesale marketing of preparing foods, gaining valuable supervisory and management skills helpful when pursuing a career in culinary arts. Beacon culinary students are trained to operate modern kitchen equipment in Beacon’s own commercial kitchen. Upon completion of the program, students are equipped with skills necessary to enter into the study if culinary arts on a postsecondary level or enter directly into the culinary field. Culinary graduates from Beacon are prepared to take their place as the vanguard of one our nation’s fastest growing industries.

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