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Join the Beacon & Founders Family!

Looking to begin or continue your career in education at a welcoming and accepting environment?  Consider Beacon Charter Schools!

Founders Academy serves 168 student artists from across Rhode Island, providing them with the core academic skills that they will need when they transition to high school while introducing them to Beacon's rich arts programs.

Beacon Charter High School for the Arts serves 231 student artists from across the state, allowing them a deeper exploration of theatre, visual, or culinary arts while engaging in a rich, college preparatory curriculum.

Both schools feature small class sizes, a robust professional learning community, and a commitment to equity for all.

Teachers and Staff are our Greatest Assets!

In addition to a competitive salary, we offer:

  • participation in state teacher pension system, social security, and TDI

  • PTO carry-over, up to 60 days maximum accrual

  • a community PTO bank

  • no-cost life insurance, up to $50,000

  • 25% employee co-pay for medical, dental, and vision coverage

  • longevity bonuses, starting in year 5

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"I encourage independence in my student’s creativity because visual art is an individual’s expression and as such, should be nurtured. Founders Academy is an environment that the students can thrive in, without the fear of being judged."

-Joanne, Middle School Visual Arts Teacher

"Beacon is an awesome place to work. We have great colleagues, fun students, and a cool atmosphere."

-Peter, High School English Teacher

"Teaching at Founders has given me a new sense of purpose as an educator. We really are a close-knit family of teachers who strive for student success and live to make a difference in our students' lives. As an educator who has been in multiple school systems, being at Founders actually makes me feel like I have found my home in education."

-Ryan, Middle School English Teacher


"Beacon is a welcoming community to work in - the faculty, staff, students, and parents have become a part of my extended family.  As a teacher, I am provided the time and space to make my classes my own, while still being offered the curriculum supports and training that will help me grow my craft."

-Karah, High School Science Teacher

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